how to find an image url

URL of the image/picture :

Every image published on web has it's own URL. You can add images to your Blogger with the help of image links(URLS). If you add images directly to your blog, your blog will become slow. So it is better to save your images on some other image hosting sites and get image link and add that link to your blog with image tag. This post will help you to find out the URL of an image.

Finding an image url saved on web:

We can get the image url after saving on web. To show images on you blog using image links, first you have to find out the image url and then copy that image url link to your blog without uploading images on your blog. To find image URL right click on image to find out the image link location.

Follow below steps to find out an image url link which is saved on web:

Step 1 : Click on Image

Step 2 : Copy the url from address bar after click on image.

Step3 : Or right click on image

Step4 : Click on copy link location

Step5 : Save on note pad.

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