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Categories in WordPress:
Categories  are used to categorize posts in your blog. WordPress providing Category widget to create categories in blogs. When compared with Blogger, It is easy to create categories on WordPress. In Blogger there is category widget, we can create categories in Blogger with Labels widget only. 

We already discussed how to create categories in Blogger blog, Now we are going to discuss about creating categories in WordPress.   

How to Create Categories in WordPress Blog :

 It is easy to create categories in WordPress blog. Just add categories widget to your WordPress blog. We can assign categories to blog posts while publish or after publishing post. After creating category and adding the post to that category, the post will appear under specified category on your WordPress blog.

Before going to start creating categories, first add category widget to your WordPress blog.


Follow the below steps to create categories in your WordPress blog.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Posts tab.

Step 3 : Under Posts click on Categories link

step 4 : Now category creation window will open, under Add new category section give Name and Description for a new category.

You can also set parent to category(means category in a category) by simply select any category under Parent drop and down menu

Step 5 : Click on Add New Category.

Like this you can create categories as many as you want. At any time you can edit category name and also delete. After creating categories next you have to assign posts to categories. In the next post I will show you how to assign a post to category in WordPress.

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