Adding New Users to Your WordPress Blog

Adding Users to WordPress:
We can add multiple users to WordPress blog. Today many blogs/sites allowing to create an user account on them. Suppose if any one need more authors to post content on their blog, then it is better to add multiple authors to their blog. WordPress allowing to add new users to blogs.  After adding user to WordPress, you can provide roles like administrator , editor , author, contributor and subscriber to users. 

Before going to allow or add new users to your WordPress blog, first know about user roles in WordPress and also learn how to add default role to users on WordPress.

How to Add/Create New Users to Your WordPress Blog : 

It is simple to add new users to WordPress blog/site. Generally two methods are there to add/create new user to your WordPress blog. First method is, allowing user registration on your WordPress and second methods is, adding users manually. First method is useful to allow multiple users to add to your WordPress and second method is useful to add specific users to your WordPress blog/site. In this post I'm going to explain how to add/create users to your WordPress using manual method.


Follow below steps to add/create new users to your WordPress blogs.

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Users

Step 3 : Click on Add New

Step 4 : Now enter following details

Username : enter username
E-mail       : enter user email id
Password  : enter password 2 times

Tick  Send this password to the new user by email box .

Role          :  select any role

Step 5 : Finally click on Add New User

That's it, you successfully created new user on your WordPress blog.  Assigning role to users is important. Beware of adding assigning roles to new users. Don't give editor or administrator roles to users. First know the purpose of user roles in WordPress and then add to your WordPress users.

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