Find Blogger Widget and Section ID

Widget Id and Section Id : Every widget on your Blogger has it's own widget id and section id. 
Blogger widget ids can be useful to customize Blogger widgets. It is easy to customize whole sidebar widgets or footer widgets at once by just going through Blogger template customise option, but you can't change specific widget on blogger sidebar or footer with blogger template customise option.  

Suppose if you want to customize a specific widget on your Blogger blog , first you have to find out that widget id and add CSS code like below to your blogger blog.

Your widget customization code

Like this you can easily customize your Blogger widgets as you like. So to customize a specific widget on your Blogger it requires widget id .In this post we are going to discuss about finding a widget id and section id in Blogger , later we will discuss about how to customize a Blogger widget with widget id .

How to Find Blogger blog widget ID and Section ID:

It is easy to find out widget id and section id of your Blogger blog. You don't need to go to your Blogger template and search for widget id and section id. You just click on edit button of your widget on your Blogger layout and you will see widget id and section on your browser.

Follow below steps to find out  Blogger Widget ID and Section ID

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Layout

Step 3 : Click on edit next to Widget you want to edit

Step 4 : Now a Widget configure window will open that showing widget id and section id

Step 5 : in that window you can see Widget id=your Widget Id and section Id:Widget section Id on address bar.

Using this simple technique , you can find out widget id and section id of any widget on your blogger blog. Like this you can also find out Blogger blog id and Blogger post id .

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