Create More Than 20 Static Pages in Blogger blog

How to Create More Than 20 Static Pages in Blogger blog:

Generally we can create up to 20 pages in blogger blog. After creating 20 pages it will difficult to crate another page in blogger. If you want to create more than 20 pages this post will help you

Follow below steps to create more than 20 static pages in blogger blog

step 1 : go to blogger dashboard

step 2 : click on pages and create 20 pages

step 3 : click on edit corresponding to page 1 and copy page url and save, and then delete page 1

note: save page 1 url link in note pad before deleting 
step 4 : Now create another page, that will be 21 page. Now your blog have page 2 to page 21

step 5 : Now paste page1 url link in new tab in browser and click on publish.
your deleted page will come back.Now you created 21 pages. like this you can create more pages in blogger.

note: It's better to try on empty page. 

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  1. works a treat, bit slow to do tho, wonder if there is a way to crack how the page id works and then make new page ids on the fly