change widget background color in blogger

Widget background color:
You can change background color of your Blogger widgets. By default there is no background color on Gadgets on your Blogger. But you can set any background color. You can customize your blog widgets easily in Blogger.  Not only background color, you can change border color a widget and you can also add background color to widget titles.

How to change widget background and border color in Blogger:

It is easy to change Blogger widget background color and also border color. Two methods are there to change widget background colors. You can change widget background through Template Designer and also you can do it by editing Blogger template code.  In this post I'm going to show you how to change background color of your Blogger widgets.

Follow bellow steps to change widget background and border color in Blogger

Step 1 : go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : click on Template and click on Customise button.

Step 3 : Click on Advanced button

Step 4 : Click on Gadget Background, on right side you can see different background and border colors.

Now choose background and border color by click on colors under Background and Border colors

Step 5 :  Click on Apply to blog

That's it, now go to your Blogger blog and check widget background color.


  1. Hi - I can't find this. Can you please post screenshots? I don't see a Gadgets Background tab. I am using the Watermark template. Thanks, Steff

  2. hi stephanie,
    i placed screenshot in above posts. I hope this will help you

    1. hi narayana, what if theres no gadget background in the menu, theres only gadget..


    2. I have the same problem as Ibnu, I don't have a "Gadget Background" option. How do I activate it?