Backup All Blogger Blogs Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout :
With Google Takeout we can back up all Google products data. With Google take out we can backup all Blogger blogs at once. We can also backup Blogger blog with Backup option on Blogger. But Google takeout is the best way to backup all your Blogger blogs at a time.
We already discussed hoe to backup Blogger blog with backup option on your Blogger blog . Now we are going to discuss about how to backup your Blogger blogs with Google takeout.

How to Backup All your Blogger Blogs Using Google Takeout :

It is easy to backup all Blogger blogs using Google takeout. Just login to Google takeout and choose Blogger and create backup. With Google takeout we can also delete all blogger blog at once. Google takeout is the service where you manage all your Google products.

Follow below steps to Backup All Blogger Blogs Using Google Takeout

Step 1 : Go to and log in with your Blogger account

             Or Go to and follow from step3.

Step 2 : Click on Control your control and Click on CREATE ARCHIVE

Step 3 : Select Blogger and Click on Next

Step 4 : Select file format and Click on Create archive

Step 5 : Click on Download button .

Now you have all your Blogger blogs backup. Backup file will send to your Gmail . Go to Gmail and open email and then click on Download archive button.  Like this you can backup any Google product, like Gmail , hangouts... .

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