Add Print Friendly Button to Blogger

Adding print friendly button on Blogger:
To allow blog visitors to print out your blog article on your Blogger blog, you need to add Print button. You can add print button to your Blogger with the help of PrintFriendly website. After adding Print friendly button to Blogger, a print button will appear on your blog posts. Many other services also there to add print button to your Blogger, but PrintFriendly is best one.

How to Add a Print Friendly Button to Blogger :

First go to PrintFriendly and create print button to your Blogger blog. Next get html/script code of  print button and then add that code to your Blogger blog. So what you have to do first is, get the PrintFriendly button code from PrintFriendly website.

How to get PrintFriendly button code :

Step 1: Go to PrintFriendly web site

Step 2: Click on Website button and choose site type as Blogger/Blogspot

Step 3: Choose button button style

Step 4: Select features as you like

Step 5: At the bottom you can see add code directly to template and copy that code

Follow the below simple steps to add print friendly button to your Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Template

Step 3 : Click on Edit Html

Step 4 : Search for  <data:post.body/'> tag on template code

             Paste Print friendly button code just before or after the <data:post.body/'> tag

Step 5 : Click Save template

On old blogger template :

on old blogger template search  <div class='post-footer'>

paste print friendly button code after <div class='post-footer'> tag in blogger template


  1. Help! I cannot find on my blogger template. I am using the new, dynamic view on blogger.