Add a Background Image to Gadgets in Blogger

How to Add a  Background Image to Gadgets/Widgets in Blogger:

We can add background images to Blogger gadget/widget . We can add unique images to different gadgets in blogger. With the help of small CSS code you can add background image.

Follow below steps to Add a  Background Image to Widgets/Gadgets in Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Template

Step 3 : click on Customise button under Customise click on Advanced

Step 4 : Click on Add CSS under Advanced options

Add below CSS code to your blogger blog

#widget id1{
background: url(IMAGE URL) no-repeat;

replace widget id1 with your blog widget ID in the above code to which you want to apply background image.

To add a unique Background Images to Gadgets in Blogger

#widget id1{
background: URL(IMAGE URL) no-repeat;
#widget id2{
background:url(IMAGE URL) no-repeat;
#widget id3{
background: url(IMAGE URL) no-repeat;

Step 5 : Click on Apply to blog

Like this you can easily add specific background image to specific widget on your Blogger blog.

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