Remove Blogger Navbar From your Blog

Blogger Navbar : 
Blogger Navbar is a navigation bar that will appear on top of Blogger blog. By default all Blogger blogs containing navbar. All Blogger blogs that are using Blogger templates having navbar. Blogger navbar containing some features for quick navigation. 

We can change Blogger navbar and also we can delete Blogger navbar from your blogger blog. If you are beginner , and what to get rid of Blogger navbar from your Blogger blog , this post will help you.

How To Remove/Turn Off Blogger Navbar From Blogger Blog:

It is easy to disable/remove Blogger navbar from your Blogger blog. You can configure Blogger navbar from Blogger Layout. Just go to Blogger Layout and click the edit button on navbar to configure.

Follow below steps to remove/disable Blogger navbar from your Blogger blog

Step 1 : Bo to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Layout

Step 3 : Click on edit corresponding to navbar

Step 4 : Select Off option in navbar configuration window at bottom

Step 5 : Click on Save

That's it , Blogger navbar is successfully removed from your Blogger blog. After remove blogger navbar from your blog at any time you can get it back by simply selecting any one of the navbar.

disabling/ Turn off the navbar from Blogger blog is good idea if you really don't need that. But after removing Blogger navbar an huge empty space is formed above your Blogger header or blog title. It is better to remove that unwanted space above Blogger header.

We can also hide Blogger navbar temporarily by adding custom css code to Blogger.

How to hide Blogger navbar :
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard

  • Click on Template and click on Customise

  • Click on Advance

  • Click on Add CSS and add below code
                    display: none !important;
  • Click on Apply to blog

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