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Text Links :
Text links are also called as hyper links. Links are two types , Text links and Image links. We can create text links in Blogger blog post using anchor tag or using link button on Blogger post editor. Text links can be used to create links to another web page. In this post we are going to discuss about putting text links on  your Blogger blog.

How To Put Text Links In Blogger Blog :

With link button on your Blogger blog post editor we can easily add links to your blog posts. You can also use <a> tag to put links on your post.

Follow the below simple steps to put text links in Blogger blog post

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Open post you want to put text links.

Step 3 : Now select text you want to create link and click on Link button in posts editor tool bar.

Step 4 : Now Edit link configuration window will open , Now enter URL link in Web address box

Step 5 : Click on OK and Click on Update button to update changes.

Now open your blog post and check link. When you click on link text then it will go to the page (link) which you added on Web address box. Like this you can create text links on your blog post. If you want to add text links to out side of your Blog post , then you can use anchor tag to create links. Use anchor tag like below,

 <a href="link address">Hyper text </a>

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