Create contact form for blogger with Google drive

Creating contact us page with Google drive :
Contact us page is important to all blogs/websites. Blogger proving contact us widget to add contact us form to Blogger blogs. It is easy to add contact us page to Blogger on Blogger widget area , But for newbies it's hard to add contact us form to static pages on your Blogger blog. 

We already discussed how to add contact form to your Blogger blog with Blogger contact us widget , Now we are gong to discuss about creating and adding contact form to your Blogger blog page with Google derive.

How to create contact form for your Blogger blog with Google drive:

It is easy to to create contact us form for your Blogger blog with Google drive. Goggle drive is the Google product, so it is trusted and more secure. Go to Google drive and crate a contact form and get the contact form from Google drive and finally add that code to your Blogger blog.

Follow below steps to create contact form for Blogger with Google drive:

Step 1 : Go to Google Drive and log in with Gmail account.

Step 2 : Click on Create button and then click on Form

Step 3 : A new  window will open. Enter your title as Contact us
             and choose default theme then click on OK.
Step 4 : A default form will create. Now enter Question Title as name and select question type as text, tick on required question box and then press done button. To add more Fields like Email, Website and Message simply press add item button and add questions.

Step 5 : Click on send form button after form customization completion.And click on Embed button and copy the iframe code  and save in notepad , finally click on done button.

Fallow below steps to get form notifications :

To get notifications (responses after filling contact forms)
Do some like below
Step 1 : Click on choose response destination button .

Step 2 : A pop up window will open, Select new spreadsheet option and click on create button.

Step 3 : Click on View responses button

Step 4 : Now A popup window will open , Click on Tools menu and select notification rules.

Step 5 : Again A popup window will open ,  tick on A user submits a form and Email - right away options and press save button!.

Follow below steps to add Google drive form embed code to your Blogger blog :

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Pages

Step 3 : Click on New page

Step 4 : Click on HTML button and paste contact form embed code which you get from Google dive

Step 5 : Click on Publish

Now visit your blog once and click on contact page and see your contact form. Like this you can add contact form to any Blogger.

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  1. Nice post, but im already using this service.
    All works like a charm, no coding and etc.