Backup Your Widgets in Blogger

How To Backup Your Widgets in Blogger Blog:

Suppose if we change widget code and got error after applying changes then we can't get it back with out having backup.So before customizing widgets in blogger blog , it is better to back up your widgets.It is easy to backup widgets in your blogger blog.There different methods are three to backup widgets/gadgets in blogger blog, Like copying code from template or edit widget on blogger layout and copy that widget code.

Follow below steps to backup JavaScript/HTML widgets in your blogger blog

step 1 : go to blogger dashboard

step 2 : click on layout

step 3 : click on edit corresponding to widget

step 4 : copy that widget code

step 5 : paste in notepad and save.

If you get any errors after customizing widgets in blogger blog, just paste widget backup JavaScript/HTML code in widget box and click on save.

Backup Blogger widgets on Your Blog : 

We can get the blogger widget code by click on edit button corresponding to blogger widget on your blogger dashboard. To get back of the blogger widget you have to get the source of your blog.
Follow below steps to backup your blogger widgets in your blogger blog :

 step 1 : Open your blogger blog through firefox browser.

step 2 : Copy source code of your blog

step 3 : Paste in that source code in notepad

step 4 : Find widget code from that source code .
Copy widget codes starting from <div class='widget-content'> and finish with </div>

step 5 : Save those widget codes for backup .

 This is the easiest method to backup your widgets in your blogger blog.

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