Add header image to Blogger Dynamic Views

How to add header image to Blogger Dynamic Views :

This post will help you to add an header image to blogger dynamic views.In blogger dynamic views there is no header widget to add header image to blogs.So to add header image on dynamic views, we need to add CSS code to blogger blog.

Follow below steps to add header image to Blogger dynamic views

step 1 : go to blogger dashboard

step 2 : click on template

step 3 : click on customise

step 4 : click on advanced tab and then click on add CSS tab
next paste below code in custom CSS box

.header-bar{background:url('http://image') !important;}

step 5 : click on apply to blog

Go to your blog and check blog header image.


  1. how to get an image url for a picture saved on computer?

  2. to get image url link first you have to upload your image on any hosting sites, and then right click on image and click on copy link location

  3. When I follow these instructions the image is repeating over and over again. Any suggestion on how to fix?

    Also I would like this to remove the text header and include the link back to the home page.