Put PDF file in blogger blog

Attaching PDF file to Blogger: Generally it is difficult to publish PDF files in Blogger blog. Blogger accept PDF files links only, you can't directly upload PDF files to your blog. In this post I'm going to explain how to attach PDF files to your Blogger. The process is same like adding PowerPoint presentation files to your Blogger blog.

How to Embed PDF Files in Blogger Blog :

We can't directly upload PDF file into your Blogger blog. To attach a pdf file to your Blogger blog, first you need to upload your pdf file on pdf hosted websites and get the embed code of your pdf file and then add that embed code to your Blogger blog. This is the only way to attach/embed pdf files in Blogger blog.

Follow the below simple steps to attach/embed PDF files in Blogger blog :

Step 1 : Upload your pdf files in Google groups, scribd or ziddu

Step 2 : Suppose if you choose scribd, create an account in Scribd and upload pdf files

Step 3 : Click Embed on right side bar and copy HTML code

Step 4 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 5 : Click new post and click on HTML and then paste HTML code in that and finally click on Publish.

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