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Post Template : Through blog template we can customize whole blog design. Like this , we can also change the appearance of your posts on your blog through Post Template. Generally we can see signature or thank you message below post in some blogs. Like that we can also add signature or thank you message to all post on your Blogger using Post Template. 

We can add pre formatted text and custom styles to each blog post in you Blogger blog. By customizing Post Template on your Blogger, all your posts will get customization changes as you apply on your Post Template. So customize Post Template on your Blogger first , before starting posts , if you really want to format your blog posts in certain way. Suppose if you add a signature to your Post Template, then that signature will display on your post editor every time when you try to create article. Here I'm explaining how to add custom text or css code to Post Template on your Blogger blog.

How to Customize Post Template on blogger:

Blogger providing post template option. This option is available under Blogger settings. Through this option your can easily customize your Blogger post template. Get the HTML code for your post template and add that post template HTML code to with Post Template option.

It is better to create Post Template through your Blogger post editor. Just open your post editor ( just like create a post) , Write text as you like on your post editor box and click on HTML button to get HTML code of your customized text and copy code. Add this code to your Post Template.

Follow below steps to Customize Post Template on your blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Settings

Step 3 : Click on Posts and Comments

Step 4 : Under posts,  Click on Post Template

Step 5 : Click on Add button next to Post Template and enter HTML/JavaScript code or normal message.

Like this you can customize Post Template of your Blogger blog. Now you can check the changes applied after customizing Post Template. To check changes , just click on  New post , now you can see the changes on your post editor. If you want to observe clearly , then write content on post editor and publish content. Now open your post and see changes.

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