Customize a Comment Form Message on blogger

We can add custom message to your blog below comments form of your blog posts or pages. Comment Form Message will appear just below to your posts comments in your blogger. This comments form message will really useful for those blogs which are getting more comments daily. Suppose if you really getting more comments daily, and you are out side and can't respond to those comments immediately then this comment form message will help.

Just add custom message to your blog like, "Hi everybody I'm busy now, I will give reply to comment asap" or " Due to more comments it may take more time to respond" or " I really like to read your comments but I can't give reply to all of them". By adding custom comment form message to your Blogger, your blog visitors can understand whether you like comments or not.

How to Customize a Comment Form Message on Blogger:

It's simple to add custom comment form message to your blog. You don't need to change your blog template code or don't need to add any script code to your blog. Blogger providing Comment Form Message feature to add comment form message from your Blogger Dashboard. You can see this option in your Blogger Settings.

Follow below steps to customize a comment form message on your Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Settings

Step 3 : Click on Posts and comments under Settings

Step 4 : Under Comments you can see Comment Form Message

Step 5 : Click on Add corresponding to Comment Form Message, and then enter message.

With this comment form message feature in Blogger blog, you can add any custom message to your Blogger. We can also customize this comment form message with HTML tags.

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