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Read more option is used to create expandable post summary in your Blogger blog. Blogger providing "Insert jump break" option to add read more link to your Blogger blog posts. Many ways are there to add stylish read more links to Blogger blogs, but using "Insert jump break" option on your Blogger blog is one of the best and easiest way.

In this post we are going to discuss about adding read more link to your Blogger blog posts using "Insert jump break" option, later we will discuss about using other methods to add customizable read more links to your Blogger.

How to add read more link to your blog posts with Insert Jump Break in Blogger :

We can easily add read more link using Insert jump break option to Blogger blog posts. While posting article you can see Insert jump break option on your Blogger post editor. Place the cursor on where you want to insert read more link and then click on Insert jump break option. You can insert read more link new post and also old posts.

Follow below steps to add "Read more" button using Insert Jump Break to Blogger posts.

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Posts and then click on edit post.

Step 3 : Place the cursor where you want to add Read more in article on post editor box

Step 4 : Click on Insert Jump Break

Step 5 : Click on Update button to update your post.

That's it, you have successfully added read more link to your blog post. Now open your blog once and check. Like this you can add read more links to your Blogger blog posts using Insert jump break feature. We can also customize read more link as we require after adding. We can change read more text and we can change text color and background color,.... like this. Later I will show you how to customize read more link on your Blogger.

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  1. It is working but I want to write many post in a page (not home page)