Add HTML/JavaScript gadget to blogger

HTML/JavaScript widget : Blogger providing more useful widgets to optimize Blogger blogs. One more useful widget of Blogger blog is HTML/JavaScript widget. Without this widget we can't add any script code to Blogger. We can add any HTML or JavaScript code to Blogger blog with the help of HTML/JavaScript gadget/widget on Blogger. To add any 3rd party gadget code to your Blogger we use HTML/JavaScript gadget. With this gadget we can add any HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to Blogger blogs.

How to add HTML/JavaScript widget/gadget to Blogger

It is simple to add HTML/JavaScript widget to your Blogger blog. The process is same for all widgets to add your Blogger blog. Click on Layout on your Blogger and click on Add a Gadget, now you can see all Blogger widgets. You can add Blogger widget on any Blogger widget area like sidebar and Footer. You can also move Blogger widget to other widget area after creating also.

Follow below steps to add HTML/JavaScript widget/gadget to Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Layout

Step 3 : Click on Add a Gadget

Step 4 : Click on + button corresponding to HTML/JavaScript gadget

Step 5 : Paste HTML/JavaScript code in that opened text box and click on Save.

This gadget will help you to add affiliate code, publisher code or any 3rd party code to Blogger blog. To add any 3rd party code, simply get any 3rd party code and paste in HTML/JavaScript widget configuration box and click on Save.


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  2. I have followed all of these steps. But when I go into my blog (as a visitor) the link I added isn't there. The title to it is but not the link. What am I doing wrong?