Add Email Post Link to Blogger Posts

Email post link to Blogger : Blogger providing email post link icon to add it to your blogs. By enabling Email Post link on your blog posts in Blogger, an email box icon will appear at the bottom of your all blog posts. This will help your blog visitors to share your blog post with others through email. By sharing your blog posts with others, automatically your blog traffic will also increase.

How to add Email Post Link to Blogger Posts:

You can configure blog post page on Blogger as you like. On your Blogger layout you can see Blog post widget. Just click on Edit to configure your blog posts as you like. Email post link will appear below post page options.

At any time you can enable or disable Email Post link on your Blogger blog. Now I'm going to explaining about adding Email Post link to your Blogger blog posts and also the process is same to disable Email Post link.

Follow below steps to add email post link to Blogger blog posts

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on layout

Step 3 : Click on edit corresponding to Blog Posts

Step 4 : Just tick on Show Email Post Links box on Configure Blog Posts window

Step 5 : Click on save

Now you will see email icon(link) at the bottom of your all Blogger blog posts. It is the one of the best method to promote your blog. When we click on email post icon, it will show new window and ask email address. Now enter your friend email address ( allows up to 10 emails, separate emails with comma), enter message (this is mandatory) and enter verification code and click on email. Like this you can allow your blog visitors to share your blog posts to others via email.

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