How To Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

Alexa Rank : Alexa is a web informational service company. Every website/blog has it's own Alexa rank. Generally people estimate the strength of your blog based on your blog Alexa ranking. Alexa is a trusted website that gives ranking based on quality traffic coming to your site/blog and also follow other metrics like backlinks, reviews etc. Generally Alexa will show the blog country vise rankings, Percent of visitors,  Bounce rate, Site links to your blog and many more. Alexa gives more useful information to a blog. In this post we are going to discuss about the importance and how to increase the Alexa rank of your blog.

Importance of Alexa rank : 

Alexa is not directly effect on your blog SEO. Alexa rank will effect on your online marketing business. Alexa rank helps to attract the advertisers. If your blog has good Alexa rank, then it has more chances to get attracted by many advertisers. It also helps you find the strength of your blog.

Through Alexa, you can find out your competitor and also you can compare your blog with others.

How to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog:

Each blog can get Alexa rank. A blog can get Alexa rank after it starts driving decent traffic. So if you have a new blog then try to get some traffic to your blog to get Alexa rank. Your blog Alexa rank will improve by getting quality traffic and back links to your blog. Alexa following some quality metrics to give rank to a blog/website. By following some quality tips we can improve our blog Alexa rank. But the main thing is traffic, any ranking will depend on blog's traffic. Without traffic no tips will improve your Alexa ranking.

Follow below tips to increase Alexa rank of your blog

Claim you site/blog on Alexa:
This is one of the important step for who really want to increase their blog Alexa ranking. So to  claim your website, just create an account on Alexa and add your blog to your Alexa account.

Use Alexa tools bar : 
After claiming your site/blog on Alexa, next step you have to do is, install Alexa tool bar on your browser and also add Alexa widget to your blog. Actually your Alexa rank depends on Alexa tool bar users. If more Alexa rank tool bar users visit your blog, then your Alexa rank will increase. Alexa count the traffic which comes from the browsers having Alexa tools bar.

After installing Alexa tool bar, next you have to add Alexa widget to your blog. Alexa widget helps to track the traffic of your blog. So add Alexa widget to improve your Alexa rank.

Traffic :  Get traffic to your site/blog.
The best method to get immediate traffic to your blog is, use social networking sites to promote your blog. Use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking and social bookmarking sites to promote and drive traffic to your blog. For new blogs this is the best way to boost their Alexa rank.

Your Alexa rank will automatically improve if your blog traffic will increase. So mainly concentrate on your blog traffic. Try to get traffic form the visitors, especially who installed Alexa tool bar in their browsers.

Content: Maintain high quality content. Write unique content and post on your blog. Also post content on your blog regularly. Not only Alexa, any of them will give more importance to quality content. That's why quality content is always king.

Make your content shareable. Try to place social media share buttons below your post content. If you add share buttons to your blog, your blog visitors more likely to share your content on social media.

Reviews : Get the review of your blog on Alexa by your visitors and also write Alexa reviews on your blog and give link to Alexa.

Quality Back links : Building back links to your blog. Get back links from high quality sites.
Back links also plays major role in creasing Alexa rank. Try to get quality back links, i.e get back links from popular and high page rank site/blogs.

Following these above tips to increase Alexa rank of your blog.


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