check the number of pages indexed on Google

Your blog will get traffic after your blog posts/pages starts displaying on search engines. One of the major search engine in the world is Google. If your blog pages appear on Google search engine then you can get more traffic to your blog. Your blog pages will display in Google only if Google index your blog. So after starting and posting articles on your blog, wait for some time to get indexed by search engines. If your blog pages will not indexed by Google even after few weeks, then it is better to submit your blog to Google search engine. Google bot will crawl your blog and index your blog pages/posts on Google.
Checking indexed/listed pages in Google : Checking indexed pages of your blog on Google means finding out the pages of your blog that are displaying on Google.

Need to check how your blog posts/pages indexed on Google :

It is better to check how many of your blog pages indexed in Google if you really want to drive more traffic from Google. If Google index more pages of your blog then automatically your blog traffic increased. So keep on checking whether your pages are displayed in search engine or not. One more important thing is try to get your blog posts in the first page of the search results. Generally people visit the sites that displaying in the first search results page.

So try to post quality content on your blog, because Google gives more priority to the quality content. Google is always trying to give best results to their clients. That's why if you have worth content, one day your blog will display in top position. Blog rankings will change frequently, because of the competition. So keep try to check your blog posts are indexed or not, if indexed then what is position in search results.

Through this you can also find out the unwanted pages indexed in Google. You can stop indexing those unwanted pages using Robots.txt file.

How to check how many of your blog pages are indexed in Google

It is really simple to check how many of your blog posts/pages are indexed in Google. Just type site colon and your blog URL on Google to find out your blog indexed pages.

Follow below steps to check how many of your blog pages/posts are indexed in Google :

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Enter

Step 3 : Click on search

Then all your indexed pages will display. Like this you can find out how many of your web pages indexed in Google. You can also use this same method to check how many of your web pages are indexed by Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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