Add Google Plus Followers Gadget To Blogger

Google Plus Followers Widget :  Google+ providing followers widget. Google+ Followers is one of the best widget to promote blogs through Google+. Connecting your Blogger blog with Google+ is really good idea to increase your blog traffic. You can display your total Google+ audience on your Blogger blog by adding Google+ followers widget to your Blogger.

When we publish post in Blogger blog, that post will also automatically publish on Google+, if you connect your Blogger profile with Google+. When any of your Google+ follower share that posts in Google+, then it will send message to your all followers regarding this. So your blog traffic will increase with Google+.

How to Add Google Plus Followers Gadget/Widget To Blogger

Blogger providing Google Plus(Google+) Followers gadget. We can easily add Google plus followers gadget to Blogger blog. By adding this Google plus followers gadget to your Blogger blog, your blog visitors can follow you on Google+. Google plus followers gadget display your total Google plus audience on your blog after adding.

In the previous post we discussed about adding Google +1 button to your Blogger blog. Like that we can add Google+ followers to your Blogger blog. Here I'm showing you how to add Google+ followers widget to your Blogger blog. We can add Google plus followers using two methods, one is using Google+ followers widget on your Blogger and second method is adding customized Google+ followers script code to your Blogger template.

Note: Before trying to add Google+ followers widget to your Blogger, first you have to connect your Blogger profile with Google+.

Follow below steps to add Google plus(Google+) Followers gadget to Blogger blog.

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on layout

Step 3 : Click on Add a Gadget

Step 4 : Add Google+ followers gadget by click on + button

Title:  Give any title name if you want modify default title name in title text box.
Size: You can change width by selecting "Manually specify"
Color Theme: choose either dark or light theme

Step 5 : Click on save button to save gadget configuration settings.

Like this we can add Google plus widget to any blogger blog. After adding it will show all your Google+ followers on your Blogger blog. We can also set particular followers to display on your blog with this Google+ followers gadget, I will tell you about this in the next post.

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