Change Line Spacing in blogger blog

Line spacing in Blogger blog:
We can change font size and line height in Blogger blog. Using this post you can change the line spacing of your blog posts in Blogger.

How to Change Line Spacing in Blogger blog :

Step 1 : Go to Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on template

Step 3 : Click on Edit HTML

Step 4 : Search for .post-body in that template HTML code

font-size: 100%;
line-height: 1.6;
position: left;

Increase or decrease line -height attribute value in the above code to adjust line spacing in Blogger blog posts.

Step 5: Click on Save template.


  1. Is this supposed to be helpful? Are we to change the ".post-body" to the list you have? Realize not everyone reading this is a techy.

  2. u need more explanation about it?

  3. What about paragraph spacing (i.e. not every line, just when you use the P tag)?

  4. hay~ I don't have anything looks like that except color, hover and img for post-body...
    then do i need to add css code above skin?