How to Backup Blogger Blog

Not only for Blogger blogs, backup is necessary for all blogs and websites. In this post I would like to show you how to backup your Blogger blog. Before going to do any changes in your Blogger template, you have to create backup of your Blogger blog. Because if any error occur while doing changes on your Blogger template, then you can restore your blog template with backup file. We can create backup of Blogger blog template and blog posts.

Why back up your Blogger blog is important :

To customize/optimize blogs, some times we need to edit Blogger blog template code. So some times you may get error while editing blog template code and if you can't handle that error then you can simply restore your blog template with XML backup file. suppose your blog was deleted by you (or it will happen unexpectedly) and if you didn't restore your blog with in 90 days then your blog will be deleted permanently, so it is better to keep back up your Blogger blog. Backup all your widget codes and export all your posts in blog.

How to backup your Blogger blog :

It really very simple to create a backup of your Blogger blog. When compared to WordPress, creating Blogger blog backup is simple. Blogger providing an option like Export blog to download all your blog with an XML file. To restore your Blogger blog, use Import blog option and upload the backup XML file.

Follow the below steps to backup your Blogger blog easily.

step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

step 2 : Click on settings

step 3 : Click on others

step 4 : Under Blog tools click on Export blog

step 5 : Click on Download Blog

With above simple steps you can easily crate a backup of your Blogger blog.

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