Reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of the visitor who arrive on your blog and leave with out visiting other page of your blog. Maintaining a good bounce rate is very important,  and also it's very difficult. But some tips are there to maintain good bounce rate. Follow those tips and reduce your bounce rate.

Reducing bounce rate means attracting your blog visitors to make them visit other pages of your blog. That means when your blog page views increases, your blog bounce rate will automatically decrease.

How to reduce bounce rate :

It is better to decrease bounce rate of your blog. A blog has high bounce rate means that the visitors leaving it in very less time with out visiting other pages on it. So to reduce the bounce rate, you have to attract the visitor coming to your blog. To attract the visitors you have to decrease load time, write quality content, avoid pop ups and follow many more tips. 

Reduce bounce rate by following simple steps

  • Improve blog load time
  • Avoid pop ups on your blog
  • Improve your blog design
  • Improve your blog Navigation
  • Increase font size for better reading 
  • Provide quality content.
Improve your blog load time  :
Make your blog to load fast on browser. If your blog takes more time to load, visitor can't stay on your blog for long time. Use website speed test tools to check your blog/website speed. To improve your blog load time, avoid excessive use of script code, images and videos on your blog. If you keep on customizing your blog by adding third party script code, your blog loading speed will decrease.

Avoid pop ups on your blog : 
Try to avoid pop up ads on your blog. Pop ups can disturb your blog visitors. Some times with the annoying popup ads, visitors will leave from your blog.

Improve your blog design :
Improve your  blog design  by following below tips
  • Use light background with dark text
  • Use header tags
  • Increase the contrast 
  • Make your blog easy to navigate.
If you are running PPC, then design landing page more effectively to attract customers, and make to load fast.

Improve your blog Navigation :
If your blog has categories and sub categories then use breadcrumbs.

Increase font size for better reading  :
Set the better readable font size.

Provide quality content. :
Don't copy content from others. Write new content on your blog. Try to write more relative articles to your previous content.

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