Link Building

What is Link Building : Link Building is the process of building the links to a blog or website. Link building is a part of off-page optimization. For any website link building is necessary to create back links to your website/blog. In the previous post we discussed about how to get back links, now we are going to discuss about link building process.

Link building used to create links. Links helps search engines to crawl web pages on your blog and to discover the new pages on your blog.

Link Building Types :

There are 3 types of linking :
  • One way linking
  • Two way linking or reciprocal linking.
  • Three way linking
From these, mainly used linking types are one way and reciprocal linking.

One way linking : One way linking means , link going from one webpage to other webpage.

Reciprocal or Two way linking : Reciprocal linking means , link going from one website to other and again come back to that site.
Google gives more importance to one way linking.

Back Links are necessary to any websites but getting quality backs links is more important.

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