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To make your Blogger blog beautiful, you have to customize your Blogger template. With Blogger template customization you can change the appearance of your Blogger blog. This post will help you to change background image, text color, text font and background color, adjust width, and layout of your blog. With this you can also change body layout and footer layout, customize gadgets, links and many more.

How to customize a Blogger template :

You can customize your Blogger blog using customise option or by editing your blog template code. You can do all basic customization of your Blogger blog by going through template customise on your Blogger dashboard. It's really easy to customize your Blogger blog than customizing WordPress blog.

In this post I'm showing you how to customize your Blogger template easily. This is the basic method of Blogger template customization. You can do all basic template customization without adding or editing your template CSS code.

Follow below simple steps to customize your Blogger template:

Step 1 : Log in to your Blogger account

Step 2 : Click on Blogger blog

Step 3 : Click on Template

Step 4 : Click on customise

Then you will go to Template designer, there you can see all blogger template customization options. Now you can customize your blog as you require.

Step 5 : After doing changes click on Apply to blog to save settings.

Before start customizing your blog template , first choose best template for your blog and then start. It's waste of time if you change your Blogger template after customizing , so first choose correct template and then start.

How to change template :

Click on Templates --> select your favorite template --> click on save/apply to blog to apply changes.

How to change blogger background :

Click on background on blogger template designer --> select background image --> click on apply to blog to save.

How to adjust widths :

Click on adjust widths --> then adjust entire blog or right/left side with dragging white space bar on that.

How to change layout :

Click on layout --> select appropriate body layout and footer layout.

How to change font , bgcolor and text color in blog :

Click on advance --> from here you can change font , bgcolor and text color of your blog.

Note : After customizing all your blogger template don't forgot to click on Apply to blog to save changes.

This is the basic customization of a Blogger blog , later I will show you how to customize your Blogger blog by editing your blog template code.


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