Recover deleted blog from blogger

Generally people delete blogs, if there is no use with those blogs. It is really good idea to delete unwanted blogs on your Blogger. Don't waste your valuable time with unnecessary blogs. Delete unwanted blog form your Blogger account as soon as possible.

But in any case if you deleted your blog from your Blogger account mistakenly and if you what get it back, then no problem, there is a solution to restore a deleted blog. In this post I'm showing how to restore/recover deleted blogs on Blogger.

How to recover/restore deleted blog on Blogger :

It is easy to restore your deleted blog on your Blogger. Recovering deleted blog is an easy process because after deleting a blog from on your Blogger, your blog will live on deleted blogs list up to few months. You can recover your deleted blog before it's permanently deleted from your Blogger account. You can recover blogs like restoring files from your Recycle Bin on your PC.

Follow below steps to recover your deleted blog on Blogger :

Step 1 : Log in to your Blogger

Step 2 : Click on Deleted blogs, then it will show all your deleted blogs list

Step 3 : Click on “Un delete this blog”, which you want to recover.

Now your blog will successfully restore into your Blogger account. Like this you can restore any deleted Blogger blog. This procedure is possible only if your blog available on deleted blogs list.

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