Best AdSense Alternatives

AdSense is one of the the high paying ads network, that's why most of them choosing AdSense to make more money online. But getting approval from AdSense is not an easy task. AdSense gives approval based on traffic and quality of a blog content. Especially for new blogger it's really hard to get AdSense approval.

Best Google AdSense alternatives:

Don't you have an AdSense account?. Here is an good news for you. You can make money with your blog even if you don't have AdSense account. You can make money using AdSense alternatives. Just use one the best ads network from the AdSense alternatives. AdSense alternatives will be very useful for those blogs which are not eligible for Adsense and AdSense account banned blogs. If your AdSense account is banned or disabled, don't frustrate, many alternative methods are there to make money from your blog even after banned by AdSense, like AdSense alternatives, affiliate marketing,selling advertising space on your blog and many more.

In this post I'm mentioning some of the best alternatives to AdSense. There are many alternatives are there to Google AdSense. But all the ad networks are not popular in all countries so choose the one which is the best for your region and blog content.

List of best AdSense alternatives :

Pocket Cents
Exit Junction
Dynamic Oxygen
Direct Advertising

Note: From these best Adsense alternatives, choose the one which is popular in your country.

In the above list Chitika ad structure is same as AdSense. Chitika providing both text and banner ads like AdSense. Next BuySellAds is also most powerful one. Many people are mixing AdSense with BuySellAds. You can make money with BuySellAds by selling ad space on your blog. Like this you can use any AdSense alternativee.

So no need to worry about AdSense. Start making money with AdSense alternatives. Fist you focus on your blog traffic. If your blog getting more traffic you can easily make money through your blog without using AdSense also. So write quality content and Optimize your blog with quality SEO techniques to increase your blog traffic.

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