Add chitika ad code on blogger

How to add Chitika ad code on Blogger :

You can earn money with Chitika by placing Chitika ads on your blog. It is easy to add Chitika ads on your blogs. Click on below image if you don't have Chitika publisher account and follow instructions or follow below steps.
Step 1 : Sign up to Chitika publisher account and submit your blog and personal details

Step 2 : Click on Ads and then click on Get code

Step 3 : Select Ad Format and customize code as you required

Step 4 : Click on Get Code

Step 5 : A popup window will open , Now copy script code.

Now you have successfully got Chitika ad code. The next step you have to do is, add above copied Chitika ad code to your Blogger blog.

Where to add Chitika code to Blogger :

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard
Step 2 : Click on Layout -->Click on Add new widget-->add HTML/JavaScript widget and paste code , after that click on save .
Step 3  : Refresh your blog once , then adds appear on your blog.

I hope now you can understand how to use Chitika to make money..


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