Add Bidvertiser ad code on blogger

How to add Bidvertiser   ad code on  Blogger :

 Step 1  :  Sign up to Bidvertiser  publisher account and submit your blog and personal details
 Step 2  :  Click on code TO get script code--> add that code to your Blogger

Where to add Bidvertiser ad code to Blogger :

Step 1  : Go to Blogger-->Layout -->click on Add a new widget-->click on HTML/JavaScript widget and copy code in that widget box, after that click on Save .
Step 2  : Refresh your blog once to see ads on your blog.

I hope now you can understand how to create add Bidvertiser ad code to your blogger blog.


  1. That's all you have to do, nice job keeping it simple as it actually is.

  2. i dont have a customized domain can i still add it?

  3. thanx

  4. how to add it below my every post

  5. Hi dennis
    Find <data:post.body/> line in your template code and paste your ad code just below that line. Save template and open your blog and see ads below every post.OR click on ads below posts in blogger

  6. ads are not showing my blog

  7. plz help me The Ads not showing on my blog
    plz help me i also done as click layout then html and java script click then paste the code of Ad then save but Ad not show on my Blog plz help me Ads of Bidvertiser

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  9. sir can we use Chitika, bidvertiser, Infolinke same time on a blogger? are they pay in pakistan western union

    1. Sure , you can use both. Possible payment methods are : Paypal and check

  10. Do I have to edit it with html editor before adding it to my blogger html/JavaScript gadget