How to Edit a Blog Post in Tumblr

In Tumblr it's possible to edit blog posts. Suppose if you want to update your post content, then you need to update it. I already showed you how to create a post on your Tumblr blog, Now I'm going to show you how to edit posts on your Tumblr.

How to Edit a Specific Blog Post in Tumblr Blog :

You can edit specific blog post you added to your Tumblr blog at any time by selecting the post on your Tumblr and click on Edit. You can edit any of your blog post using this procedure.

Follow below steps to edit specific post in your Tumblr blog :

Step 1 : Go to your Tumblr Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Account menu in your Tumblr Dashboard

Step 3 : Click on Posts under your blog name

Step 4 : Find the post you want to edit and click on Post Options button on bottom of the post and click on Edit

Step 5 : Now change/add content to your post and click on Save button to save your post.

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