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We already know about Skype and their features. You can make free video/audio call and chat with your subscribers using Skype. If you want communicate with your blog visitors directly, then add Skype to your blog/website. You can add Skype call or chat buttons to your blog. In this I would like to show you how to add Skype buttons to your Blogger blog.

How to add Skype buttons to your Blogger blog :

Skype providing two buttons such as call and chat buttons. These buttons are free. You can easily add these Skype buttons to your Blogger blog. Skype proving widget code to add these buttons to your blog. You need Skype account to add Skype buttons. So if you don't have Skype account, first create Skype account and follow this procedure.

Follow below steps to add a Skype button to your Blogger blog :

Step 1 :  Go to  page

Step 2 :  Enter your Skype name in the Enter your Skype Name text box

Step 3 :  Choose type of action, call or chat or both.
              Simply select the box below Choose what you'd like your button to do

Step 4 : Use those two fields below Choose how you want your button to look to set
             color and size of your button.            

Step 5 :  Now copy button code and go to your Blogger Dashboard
              Add button code to your Blogger using HTML/JavaScript widget.

Open your blog and check buttons whether working or not. This is the simple method to add Skype button to your Blogger.

You can also use Skype URIs to add Skype links to your Blogger. After adding Skype links to your Blogger, when your blog visitor click on your Skype link, he would be asked to launch his Skype application.

Skype links :

Suppose if the Skype user name is Skypeusername

Chat Link:
<a href='skype:Skypeusername?chat'>Chat with Me</a>

Call Link:
<a href='skype:Skypeusername?call'>Call Me</a>

Leave a Voice Mail:
<a href='skype:Skypeusername?voicemail'>Leave a Voice Mail</a>

Send a File:
<a href='skype:Skypeusername?sendfile'>Send a File</a>

Add to Contacts:
<a href='skype:Skypeusername?add'>Add to Contacts</a>

View Profile:
<a href='skype:Skypeusername?userinfo'>View Profile</a>

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