Add a Favicon to Blogger blog

Favicon For Blogger Blog:
Favicon is shortcut icon of a blog or website. We can see favicon beside url's in your browser. Generally favicon images are 16 by 16 pixel in size. By default all Blogger blogs are having Blogger favicon. We can change that default Blogger favicon with custom favicon image.

How to Add or Change a Custom Favicon to Your Blogger Blog :

Two method are available to add custom favicon to your Blogger blogs. On Blogger layout you can see favicon page element at the top left corner. With this page element you can add favicon to your blog and second method is by adding custom favicon tag to your Blogger template. Before using any method, first you have to create custom favicon.

How to create a custom favicon to your Blogger : 
Many tools are available on internet to create favicon for your Blogger blog. First create an image for your favicon. Use any favicon generator tool and upload your image and generate favicon.

Fallow below steps to add a custom favicon to your Blogger blog

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Layout

Step 3 : Click on Edit link on the Favicon

Step 4 :  Now Favicon configuration window will open.
              Click on Browse and select favicon 

Step 5 : Click on Save button.

Now refresh your  blog once and see new favicon image on your browser. This is the easiest method.

Another method is also there to add favicon to Blogger blog. This method is also easy,  just you have to add favicon tag to your Blogger template.

Another method to add favicon to your Blogger blog.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Click on Template and click on Edit HTML.
  • Add below line just above the <b:skin><![CDATA[ 
             <Link href="your favicon image url" rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'/>
              Note: add favicon image url in the your favicon image url place
  • Click on Save template.

These are the two methods to add a custom favicon to your Blogger blog.

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