Make money with Chitika referral program

Chitika Referral Program:
Chitika is one of the online advertising network. You can make money with Chitika like AdSense. You can make money by adding Chitika ads to your blog. Chitka also providing one more extra feature called " Referral Program". You can also some extra money with Chitika affiliate program.

I already showed you how to add Chitika ads to a blog, now I'm going to show you how to use Chitika referral program to make money.

How to make extra money with Chitika referral program :

We know how to earn money with Chitika like AdSense. You can make some extra money with Chitika's referral program by adding Chitka referral banners on your blog. Choose the referral banner/text link from your Chitika account and then add banner/text-link to your blog or any webpage. You will get paid for very pulisher you refer to Chitika publisher network.

With this referral program you will earn 10% of a publisher revenue. You can really make more money with this referral program if you drive more traffic to your affiliate links.

Follow below steps to make money with Chitika referral program

Step 1 : Log in to your Chitika Publisher account

Step 2 : Click on AD SETUP tab and select Referral program

Step 3 : Choose banner and click on GET CODE

Step 4 : Copy banner code

Step 5 : Add that referral banner code to your blog.

It is better to add your referral links to posts that are getting more traffic.

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