Add same blogger widget twice on blogger

How to add same Blogger widget twice on Blogger blog:

You can add any Blogger widget twice on your Blogger blog. If you try to add already added gadget one more time on your Blogger blog, then you can see message like already added after clicking on add a gadget. Suppose if you already added follow by email gadget on your Blogger and once again want to add same follow by email gadget on your blog then it shows already added on add a gadget window. Using default method we can't add already added gadgets like pages, follow by email and translate. But we can add same gadget twice on Blogger with simple trick. But if you want to add twice, don't add a gadget without following this method

Follow below steps to add a same widget twice on your blogger blog

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2 : Click on Layout and click on Add a gadget
Step 3 : Righ click on + sybmol corresponding to a gadget and click on copy link location after                  copying paste that link on address bar and press enter
Step 4 : Now configuration window will open then click on Save
Step 5 : Again paste link on address bar and click on enter and then click on save.(like in step 3&4)

Like this you can Add gadget twice on your Blogger blog easily.

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