Set Password to Posts in WordPress

Setting up passwords for posts and pages:
WordPress providing many features. WordPress giving password option to protect blog posts. We can set passwords to any post in WordPress blog. After setting password to a blog post, that blog content will not appear to others. To see the content of that post, password must need. After setting password to post, when any one open that post, it will ask password. After entering correct password, full post content will appear. 

Using passwords is one of the best choice for private bloggers to hide blog content. In this post I'm going to show you how to set password to your WordPress blog post.

How to Protect Posts with Password in WordPress Blog :

We can set password to posts while publishing or after publishing. After setting password to posts, visitors have to enter that password to see post and read. So try set passwords to those you want to hide from others. On your WordPress post editor you can see Visibility option on right side of post editor, there you can see password option.

Follow below steps to set password to your WordPress blog post/page :

Step 1 : Go to WordPress Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Posts and open post by click Edit

Step 3 : On right side to post editor you can see Visibility option in publish module.

Step 4 : Click on Edit next to Visibility and then select password protected option and type password

Step 5 : Click on OK and click on Update.

Now your WordPress blog  and check post. You may see password text box, if you enter correct password then you can see full post content.

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