Enable Google+ Comments in Blogger

Google+ Commenting system in Blogger :
Blogger now providing Google+ comments feature to Blogger blog. Through this you can replace your default existing comments system with Google+ commenting. After enabling Google+ comments on your Blogger, people who comments on your post in Google+ will also appear on Blogger blog. It has features like threaded commenting, editing your own comments, display discussions, moderate comments and also spam protection

How to Enable Google+ Comments in Blogger:

It is easy to enable Google+ comments on your Blogger blog. To enable Google+ comments, fist you must have Google+ profile and associate your Blogger blog with your Google+ profile.

What will happen after enabling Google+ comments on Blogger blog : 
  • After enabling Google+ comments in blogger blog, To comment on your blog , reader must have Google+ profile.  
  • All previous comments through 3rd party commenting system will gone.
  •  Comments tab will be disable from your Blogger dashboard.
  • Can't moderate comments from Blogger dashboard.
  • If you change Blogger blog post address then comments existing on that blog post will may disappear.
Before enabling Google+ commenting system in your Blogger blog, it is better to know about advantages and disadvantages of the Google+ commenting system. If you feel that Google+ commenting system has more advantages than your previous Blogger commenting system, then only enable Google plus commenting system.

Follow below steps to enable Google+ comments on your Blogger blog:

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: Click on Google+

Step 3: Tick Use Google+ Comments on this blog ? box

Go to your blog and see Google + comments.

After enabling Google+ comments your default blogger commenting system replaced with Google+ commenting and at any time you can also disable Google+ comments on your Blogger blog, if you don't like Google+ commenting system .

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