Add managers to your Google+ page

How to add managers to your Google+ page:

After creating Google+ page we can add multiple people to manage our Google+ page.Both page owner and manager can add manager to Google+ page.We can add up to 50 managers to a page.The owner of the page can delete page and change owner ship of the page.The page manager can change the account information and tagline.

follow below steps to add managers to your Google+ page

step 1 : Log in to your Google+ account

step 2 : Go to your page

step 3 : click on menu and click on settings

step 4 : click on managers

step 5 : enter email address of the manager(person) you want to add to your Google+ page.
An invitation mail will sent to manager . After manger accepting invitation mail, an invitation acceptance mail will be send to the owner. 

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