How to Put Links in Blogger Comments

Blog commenting is the best way to get back links from other blogs to your blog. To get back links with blog commenting, you have to put/leave links in blog comments. This post helps you to add your blog URL links in Blogger comments.

How to Leave a Link in Blogger Comments:

Some blogs shows website/blog field in the comment form and some of them will not show URL option to enter your blog URL. If the URL option is there in the blog comment form , it is easy to put you blog/website link in the comment, but if the URL option not available in the comment form, you have to manually put your URL link in the comment. You can leave text links in comments using anchor tag.

Follow below steps to to put/leave links in Blogger comments

Step 1 : Visit Blogger blog post that you want to leave comment

Step 2 : Click on Comment

Step 3 : Click on down arrow in comment as and select Name/URL

Step 4 : Post comment, give Name and URL click on continue.

Step 5 : Click on Publish

Go to blog where you posted comment and click on your name in comment then it will go to the page which you added in blog comment.

We have to manually put your blog URL link in the comment message if your Blogger doesn't has URL option in the comment form.
How to put links in the comment message.
  • Go to blog on which you have to comment.
  • Click on comment
  • Write comment and use below anchor tag
          <a href="your blog url link"> some comment message</a>

  • Click on publish

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