Creating a Image/Picture Link in Blogger Posts

Adding link to Blogger images : Adding images to your Blogger blog is important to get more traffic to your blog. After adding images to your blog, optimizing those images also important for better results. Optimize images by adding proper anchor text and link to images.

Generally links are two types, text links and image links. We already discussed about adding text link to your Blogger. Now we are going to discuss about creating image links in your Blogger blog posts. After creating an image link, when you click on image it will go to another page.

How to Create a Image/Picture Link in Blogger Posts :

It is easy to create a image link in Blogger pots. We can create text links and image links in Blogger posts using Link button on your Blogger post editor tools bar and also using with anchor tag. Below I'm showing how to add link to an image with <a> (anchor) tag.

Follow below steps to add a link to an image/picture in Blogger Posts

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Posts

Step 3 : Click on HTML on posts editor

Step 4 : Add below line on your post editor box

<a href=""><img src="yourimageurl" width="250" height="250"></a>

NOTE : Replace yourblogname with your blog name and yourimageurl with your image URL.

Step 5 : Click on Publish/Update.

Now check whether image link working or not. Just click on image then it will go to home page.

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