Change Post Date Header Format in Blogger

Post date format on Blogger:
After creating a blog on Blogger, Blogger shows a default date format on every published post of your Blogger. At the top of post title in your Blogger blog you can see post date header, that indicates when that post was published on blog. You can change post date header format of your Blogger blog.

How to Change Post Date Header Format in Blogger :

It is easy to change your Blogger blog post date header format. Just go to your Blogger layout and open Blog Posts configuration window by just click on edit button of Blog Posts. Under date header format you can see different date formats, choose the one you want to set for your blog posts.

Follow below steps to change post date header format in Blogger

Step 1 : Go to Blogger dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Layout

Step 3 : Click on Edit corresponding to Posts widget on Blogger layout

Step 4 : Now Configure Blog Posts window will open. Under Post Page Options you can see date header format, from that select any format

Step 5 : Click on save

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