Add Popular Posts widget to blogger

Popular Post Widget :
Popular post widget is one most useful widget for every blog. By adding popular post widget to your blog, your blog's popular posts will display on your blog. Your blog traffic will also increase through popular post widget. If you add popular Posts widget to your blog, your blog visitors can easily identify some of popular articles on your blog and they may spend some more time on your blog by reading those popular articles. If users stays long time on your blog, automatically bounce rate of your blog will also reduce.

Not only for increasing your blog traffic, popular post widget will also useful to your blog visitors. So it is better to add popular post widget to your blog. In this post we are going to discuss about adding popular post widget to your Blogger blog. We can also customize popular post widget as we like after adding. Later I will also show you how to customize popular post widget.

How to Add Popular Posts Widget to your Blogger blog:

It is easy to add popular posts widget to your Blogger blog. Blogger providing popular post widget, through that you can easily add popular posts your Blogger. Also other third party sites providing different stylish popular posts widgets to Blogger. But it is better to use Blogger popular post widget to add popular posts to your Blogger blog.

Follow below steps to add popular posts widget to your Blogger blog:

Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2 : Click on Layout

Step 3 : Click on Add a Gadget and click on + button next to Popular Posts

Step 4 : Then it will open new widow to configure popular post widget
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Step 5  : Click on save

You have successfully added popular post widget to your Blogger blog. Now open your Blogger blog and check popular posts. After adding popular post widget to your Blogger blog, your blog's popular posts will appear to your blog readers. After adding we can customize popular posts with auto numbering and thumbnails. We need to customize popular posts widget more stylish, to grabs your blog visitors attention. We already discussed how to change width/height of popular posts thumbnails in Blogger, later I will show you more customization of popular post widget.


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