Earn money through Facebook

How to Earn Money through Facebook :

Actually it is hard to earn money through face book, but it is really possible to make money with Facebook. Some of very useful applications are there to earn money through Facebook. Who has a Facebook account, can start make money in a variety of ways.

Some of those useful applications you can use to make money on Facebook :

1. My Merch Store : Make Money With By Designing & Selling  articles,
Zazzle : which allows you to create and design(t-shirts and hats…) any product on their site freely, and sell them on your facebook. You can earn more money if you have a lot of friends in your Facebook.
Earn through promoting others products:  promote products created by other artists. You can earn a commission on those if someone buy those products.

2. Cafe Press :  it is online store same as Zazzle. You can easily sell any product from anti Obama Shirts to pro Obama Shirts through Cafe Press, on your Facebook .You earn money products, whether it was created by you or someone else.

3. Ether Ether : you can earn money on by giving advice to people over the phone or by chatting through this website or by adding application on Facebook . If you’re good at giving advice, this may be the way for you to make some extra money on Facebook. If you know more languages you can give advice to more people. You fix the rates and Ether generates a number, when people call to this number it will forward to your personal telephone number.

4. Garage Sale : it list anything you want to sell. When someone buy those products, then you can earn money.  You may get money through pay pal or check, and they may charge 5%commmission.
5. Music Blaster : you can  sell music from BlastMyMusic.com. You can get 5% commission for each song sold.

6. Shopit Shopit : free Social Commerce Network. you can sell or trade any product or service. It is online store you can sell any products.

7. FlameTunes : it is more benefit  for the artists. They can sell their music here. You can also sell music on MySpace.

8. Lemonade : first setup your lemonade stand in your community. Next add what you want to sell to a lemonade stand, and put it on your Facebook
10. eBay : this application allows you to add eBay auction listings to your face book Profile and then Sell things to your Facebook .

9. e3buy Auction : first you have to open a customizes store, upload your logo and then start selling things. You can Buy, sell or trade anything here. You can get money through PayPal.

10. Lending Club : You can make money with the interest .

Another list of  face book online stores :
  • Voiyk
  • ShopTab
  • Sortprice
  • Shoutlet
  • LetMeIntroduce 
Like this many ways are there to earn money through Facebook.

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